Getting Started

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Getting Started

Post  Jay on Fri Mar 21, 2008 9:28 am


The registration process for these forums are fairly straight forward, and at no time will you be charged for registering or using any of the board's features. To register click the register button, then fill in your details. You will have to type in a security code at the end of the form. Once that is complete you will be sent a validation link via the email address you have put down. Once you click that, your account will be activated and you're ready to post.

How To Post

It is very easy to post. You can reply to messages, start new topics or just read other member's posts. To start a new topic, you just have to click the New Topic button at the top of a forum and fill in the details. To reply to a post, you can go into a topic and press reply.


There is enough information here to get you started. There's a lot more to do on the board, so have a look around. If you get stuck or have a question then PM or email me by clicking the link at the bottom of my posts. I will reply as quickly as possible.

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